Friday, December 31, 2010

All hail the relaxation faeries!

Well, considering that it's almost New Year's, I figure I should get a jump on writing a Christmas post :P The relaxation faeries hit me so hard with their faerie dust that I just haven't felt like doing a whole lot. Hell, I haven't even uploaded my pics to my hard drive. Trying to remember how to do that on an operating system you're not quite used to is always fun ><. I definitely can't say I had a lazy week though. I worked 2 days to help cover vacations for my co-workers. I also had a work around the house day. I got laundry done, took down the Christmas tree, put together my glider, and installed the car seat, which I now have to reinstall.

This Christmas was fun. We actually had two. On Christmas Eve, we spent time with my family here in Tucson. We ate, passed out gifts and acted like complete goofballs. Of course there was wine. We are Italian after all.

My mom looked at me and her salt and pepper shakers and told me not to mess with them. That just gave me ideas!

I love this picture of Kyle and I, even though I look so much bigger than I actually am.

The cousins were there, except for one who has ostracized himself from the family so much that none of us really consider him family anymore. It's sad to see someone so young be so selfish and blame everyone else for his problems.


Brian bought Rowan his first books. I believe in reading to your children, so this totally excited me!

The next morning, we were up at 330 and on the road by 5. No, we didn't plan the 330 part, we just happened to both be awake and said screw it. Even after having trouble finding food on Christmas day at 5 am, and then having to pull over so I could find a dark alley to pee in, we made it to Flagstaff in just under 4 hours. This made the early hour well worth it. There was almost no traffic, and no one tried to kill us on I-17, like they usually do. We got to have a slightly white Christmas. The snow had been there a few days, but was still pretty. I didn't get to enjoy it like I did on Thanksgiving, because my back was hurting so badly. The reprieve from the desert weather was a blessing though.
We had a nice relaxing weekend. We gave and received some great gifts.

This shirt from India was Kyle's favorite, I think. Go Ian!!

Now I need to get busy and make the other part to this dress.

It's all about the nipple shields!

On Sunday and Monday, we sat on our butts and did crafts. Kyle made necklaces and bracelets out of hemp and stone beads, Pam knitted us some hats, as pictured here on my sister in law Katie, and I worked on cross stitch.

I think the craft days were just the medicine that Kyle and I needed. It was relaxing, we were able to hang out and talk and listen to music we enjoyed. Life is good.

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