Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow, I feel mentally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now that baby has dropped, and my mucous plug is out, I feel an almost constant pressure on my cervix. I checked yesterday, and I had hardly dilated. Still, it feels like he is just going to fall out at any moment. I really can't wait until next Saturday, when I can rest assured that if I go into labor, I will be able to deliver at the birth center rather than the hospital. Right now I feel almost as though I'm walking on eggshells, and that any little thing is going to send me into an early labor. Last night, Kyle and I went for a walk, and I started cramping so bad that I really wondered if labor had started. I relaxed, but hardly slept at all. Between this stupid sinus thing, and being nearly done with pregnancy, sleep seems to be a luxury of the past. Luckily I function ok that way. I got more done in the nursery today. The video monitor is set up, and much of the stuff is either set up or put away. There is still a little bit left in the laundry. Now this little dude feels like he's going to hiccup his way right out of me....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Things I like about having a dropped baby

1. I can sit in my tub without suffocating.
2. I can poop. Yes, I went there.
3. I have a defining line between my boobs and my belly now.
4. Sleeping is easier.
5. I can eat a full meal.
6. No more bra extenders.
7. Not getting kicked in the ribs.

All of that, and he feels like he's going to fall out at any time. I just hope he can stay in there for 2 more weeks. It does suck though because now, when he hiccups, I fell like his head is gonna pop outta my butthole.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Opinions are like assholes, every person has them.

That's why we live in this country, so we can have our own opinions. The question is, what do we do with these opinions? Well, we vote, we get into arguments and debates. Hopefully as humans, we can respect the fact that not everyone will think the same way that we, as individuals, do. We are not lemmings, we do not live in a communist country where the government tells us how we have to think. We live here, in the United States, a country founded by one principle: freedom.

When you take that freedom, and use deadly means, you are not only breaking the law, but you are taking away someone else's freedom. The freedom to express themselves, to pursue happiness, and their right to a life. I cannot imagine thinking that I had the right to shoot someone simply for speaking their mind. Simply for trying to reach out to the people and talk to them. This doesn't make any sense to me. Especially when your excuse is that you don't like politicians. Here's a news flash: Most people don't! I didn't vote for Ms. Giffords, yet I still pray for her recovery. She didn't deserve to have her freedoms taken away, and she doesn't deserve to be lying in a hospital fighting for her life. From what I've heard from people that know her, she's a really nice lady.

Violence is definitely not the answer. Don't get me wrong, I do keep guns in my house, and if someone were ever to threaten my life, or the life of my family, I would have no problem taking theirs. To hurt someone just because you don't agree with them though is just plain wrong. This has definitely left a scar on the Tucson community, and I am proud of how it is rallying the people. I am hoping to be able to attend one of the funerals to serve as a human barricade against the Westboro Baptist "church." I don't know how these people can call themselves human, when they get their notoriety by protesting the dead. I wish my Army uniforms would fit, but the unit never issued me a maternity uniform, so that won't be happening.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

4 Weeks?!?

Me: Well, I hit the 33 week mark yesterday. That means if all goes well, I could be having this baby in about 4 weeks.
Kyle: 4 weeks?!??
Me: Well, yes, 37 weeks is considered full term, I am 33 weeks now, so I could potentially have him in 4 weeks.
Kyle: 4 weeks?!?? But that's too soon!!!
Me: No, not really, he'll be fully cooked. I'd rather have him earlier than later. Get rid of this back pain and constant stomach pain. I think 4 weeks is good, but I could have him as late as 7 weeks from now.
Kyle: 7 weeks would be better.
Me: No, not really. I'd rather he were out sooner.
Kyle: But, 4 weeks?!??

(1 hour later, in the middle of a TV show)
Kyle: 4 weeks?!??
Me: Maybe...

(As we're climbing into bed)
Kyle: 4 weeks?!??

And now you get the gist of my night.

Good night all, and happy New Year's.