Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 2

Today is good. It's our second full day of being home together. Friday was so clustered with stuff to do, I don't really count it. Except for dinner. Dinner was marvelous! Not just the food, but the company. We took a few steps forward today. Not much was mentioned about paranoid thoughts until just a little bit ago. We were sitting outside, and he mentioned them, so I listened. He still has a lot of paranoia surrounding the actual hospitalization, most of it to do with why things were done a certain way. Having been over there as a nursing student, I was able to alleviate many of his fears today when he talked about them. I think he actually believed me. Most of my explanations were met with an "Oh!" Like he was finally seeing things clearly for the first time. He's acting more like himself, which allows me to be myself around him. Our senses of humor are beginning to come back out. Even with regards to stuff that has happened over the last week. He's only taken half an Ativan today. He didn't want to take a whole one because he wanted to focus on school. I was ok with that, but I suggested half. This way he wouldn't get as groggy, but could focus. Luckily the pills are scored and easy to break.

We went to breakfast with my parents this morning. The morning was a little rough because I was woken up at 3:40 by gunfire. Scared the living shit out of me. My windows on the house were opened, and it sounded really close. I will at some point be getting a gun safe, and will have something in the house to protect myself with.

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