Sunday, January 2, 2011

4 Weeks?!?

Me: Well, I hit the 33 week mark yesterday. That means if all goes well, I could be having this baby in about 4 weeks.
Kyle: 4 weeks?!??
Me: Well, yes, 37 weeks is considered full term, I am 33 weeks now, so I could potentially have him in 4 weeks.
Kyle: 4 weeks?!?? But that's too soon!!!
Me: No, not really, he'll be fully cooked. I'd rather have him earlier than later. Get rid of this back pain and constant stomach pain. I think 4 weeks is good, but I could have him as late as 7 weeks from now.
Kyle: 7 weeks would be better.
Me: No, not really. I'd rather he were out sooner.
Kyle: But, 4 weeks?!??

(1 hour later, in the middle of a TV show)
Kyle: 4 weeks?!??
Me: Maybe...

(As we're climbing into bed)
Kyle: 4 weeks?!??

And now you get the gist of my night.

Good night all, and happy New Year's.


  1. Luckily, it's more like "8 weeks", since the average, uninduced gestation is actually 41 weeks and 1 day! But that said, I had a 37-weeker that was 8 lbs, 2 oz ;-).

  2. With the way my back feels most days, I'm really hoping to pop at 37ish weeks. I'm ready to get him out. I'll be 37 weeks the day my clinicals end for the semester, so it would really be perfect timing.