Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow, I feel mentally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Now that baby has dropped, and my mucous plug is out, I feel an almost constant pressure on my cervix. I checked yesterday, and I had hardly dilated. Still, it feels like he is just going to fall out at any moment. I really can't wait until next Saturday, when I can rest assured that if I go into labor, I will be able to deliver at the birth center rather than the hospital. Right now I feel almost as though I'm walking on eggshells, and that any little thing is going to send me into an early labor. Last night, Kyle and I went for a walk, and I started cramping so bad that I really wondered if labor had started. I relaxed, but hardly slept at all. Between this stupid sinus thing, and being nearly done with pregnancy, sleep seems to be a luxury of the past. Luckily I function ok that way. I got more done in the nursery today. The video monitor is set up, and much of the stuff is either set up or put away. There is still a little bit left in the laundry. Now this little dude feels like he's going to hiccup his way right out of me....

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