Sunday, April 25, 2010


I would like to thank Kelle for helping me to rediscover my positive outlook on life. I've never met her, but she has influenced me greatly in the past several days. I found her blog through another that I read, and ever since reading that first heart-wrenching entry, I've been addicted. She's a beautiful person, inside and out, she's the type of person I would have wanted for a sister. Full of love and life.

My positive attitude has been a stranger to me over the past year or so. Things snowballed catastrophically and I was never really able to pull myself out of the pseudo-depression that followed. Kelle's blog has enticed me to remember to see the small beautiful things in life rather than focus on the larger more obvious negative things. DH, I know you've been telling me to do this for so long now, but it's been hard. Hard to find happiness for no reason, hard to just smile. I feel that way today. After a long hard road of a disappointment roller coaster, I am happy with what I have. It's so much more than most people in my situation. We haven't lost our house to the recession, we haven't had either of our cars repo'd. We have more than we could ever want. 2 great dogs, and a mostly awesome cat.

Life is good.

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