Thursday, April 29, 2010

My "kids"

For those of you who don't know about my animals, here's there story.

My girls.I had my house built in the fall of 2007. In mid-October, my mom and I drove out to see if the foundation had been poured. We parked the truck, and got out. I looked over to the wall where my back yard would be, and a head popped up.

The head didn't run away, so I started talking to her. A few seconds later, a second tiny head popped up next to the first one. This head kept her distance

We slowly walked up to them, and were then attacked with kisses from head #1, which we furiously fought off, not knowing where they had been. Head #2 slowly approached us, and we noticed she was favoring a front paw. I was able to get her and look at it, but could see nothing too apparent. We gave them water, but at this point my mom convinced me to leave them there. I was staying at my parents' house, and their dog isn't capable of being around other animals. We left, crying. My dad took one look at us and asked what was wrong. We told him. About 20 more minutes of crying and he looked at me said, "Get into the truck," and we left. We drove the 20 minutes. It was agony. 40 minutes had passed and there was so much space around my lot. We got there, got out of the truck, and just as before, both heads popped up. I was able to grab head #2 fairly easily. He (I thought, since there was frantic humping of mother going on) was pretty small. My dad went after head #1, but couldn't get her. I told him to keep #2 in the car and was able to grab her fairly easily. I rode home in the back seat with them, feeding them handfuls of water, and comforting them. When we got home, I decided to flip #2 over to see what was going on down there. She was a gender confused little girl.

Yes, she has been broken of the humping. We tried to separate them with a chain link fence, but we soon found out that Reba (Head #1) was part monkey. We had to set up a semi permanent wooden fence to keep them separate from my parents' dog. Even with the 6 food block wall around the yard, Reba kept getting out. Pepper (Head #2) never exhibited this behavior, and was content in the yard. When we finally did get them out to my house, we fitted Reba with the invisible fence system to keep her in the yard. For the most part, it has worked. She had one incident and now her collar is up as high as it will go.
The Cat.My husband is a cat person. Me, not so much. I figured though, in order to be happy, we should all have our way. Last year for Father's day, I drove over to a local cat shelter that was having a sale on kittens. $30 got you a fixed immunized little kitty. I settled on this little orange guy that didn't seem to have a care what went on around himMy main concern was that the dogs would have issues with the new family member, so over the next few weeks we slowly integrated him. They all get along now, and he seems to complete our little family, as far as pets are concerned.

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