Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday

It's Monday again, I've found that I'm having trouble motivating myself for the week ahead. After a much needed relaxing weekend, it's just hard to get back into the swing of things. Don't get me wrong, I did spend a lot of the weekend reading and studying for my OB exam today, but it was hard. With DH pushing me to play video games and relax with him, it was even harder. We needed the time together though. We needed to just say fuck it and hang out. We so often get caught up in the business of our lives that we forget to spend time together. This usually leads to a really ugly fight and then the realization that we are just too overloaded, and usually being that overloaded is something we have chosen. He chose to work on the truck from sun-up to sun-down last week, but then was complaining about the fact that I was relaxing and enjoying free time while he wasn't. This wasn't my fault, but he couldn't see that. He just saw me sitting and being "lazy" while he busted his balls. He forgets that he needs to take time out. He wants to get as much done as he can as quickly as possible then burns himself out and takes it out on me. I love that he's proactive, but it's always best when he remembers that he can't do it all.

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