Saturday, November 12, 2011

9 months

I can't believe it has been that long. My little peanut is so big now. A lot has happened since my last post. I finished nursing school, passed my licensure, and finally started working in October. Life has not slowed down one bit. I am enrolled in my bachelor's degree program, and have knocked out two classes with a 4.0. I just can't believe so much time has passed since this:
 On the way to my follow up appointment Photobucket
 Here are some photo moments of the last 9 months.Puppy love

 Touchdown! Photobucket First immersed bath, in a towel that doesn't fit anymore! Photobucket
 Me and my cuddle buddy Photobucket
 Holding his head up to look at me Photobucket
 I miss this face! Photobucket
 Meeting a puppy for the first time, they are the same age Photobucket
 Tummy time! Photobucket
 My happy, outdoor, morning baby! Photobucket
 Drool monkey on our first Flagstaff trip: Photobucket
 I really wonder what he was thinking Photobucket
 More puppy love! Photobucket
 Itty bitty puppy love! Photobucket
 First plane trip! Photobucket
 First watermelon, which led to first infant heimlich Photobucket Juggling suitcases and baby got to be too much. Photobucket
 He loves him some water Photobucket
I love this smile Photobucket
 My boys in the lake Photobucket
 Happy after-bath spikey-head Photobucket
His reaction to refried beans was priceless Photobucket
Love puppy attack! Photobucket
 "Will ya let me in already?!" Photobucket
 Peek a boo, Mommy can't move! Photobucket
 First time in a swing Photobucket
 I can't catch the cat! Photobucket
Daddy enjoys messing with me. He didn't want me bumping my head. Photobucket
 First Halloween Photobucket
 Best buds Photobucket
 Hasn't figured out how to get out of the box Photobucket And finally, the dancing baby

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