Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Next time

Yes, after having a kid, there will definitely be a next time. In fact, having him solidified the fact that I not only want one, but two more. There are a few other things that I've learned from that experience as well.

1. I will hire a doula. There are a few things that I think having one would've helped with.
2. No medications, at all! The one I tried made me dumb and sick. Didn't do anything for the pain.
3. NO VISITORS!! At least not right away again. There is absolutely no way to get to know your infant, establish breastfeeding, and get any rest with visitors around. As much as they want to help, the best thing they can do is drop off food and LEAVE.

If you dismiss what I say, I will probably do the same with any advice you give. I have the biggest F-U for all of the people who said Rowan would end up sleeping with us. We put him in his bed to sleep. If he fusses, it usually only lasts a few minutes before he is asleep. He usually spends this time vocalizing to make his objections known. Not crying, just yelling. Dismissing someone else's ideas because they didn't work for you is pretty shitty. Especially when they've worked for so many people over the years.

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