Monday, February 21, 2011

11 days...

Wow, almost two weeks have gone by since my Sugar Booger was born. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. I have many reasons for not being able to write sooner. One, I am now a slave to my boobs. I am having trouble with my supply coming in, so I am constantly pumping, feeding, rinse, repeat. Another, I’m back in the classroom. There is no way I’m going to stop school when I am this close to my RN. I only have a few months to go. Luckily, I have a wonderfully supportive husband who brings Rowan to me on my long day at school.

The biggest thing that kept me from writing was a two-day stay in the hospital last week. In my obsessive need to breastfeed, I failed to see that my son was getting dehydrated due to my lack of supply. I ended up with a crazy fussy baby, and was wandering the house, curious about where this demonspawn had come from. Finally on Sunday, I realized that he was dehydrated, based on lack of dirty diapers, so I sent my husband out for formula. I cried giving it to him. He took the bottle like a champ, but it was too little too late. The dehydration had exacerbated the jaundice he was experiencing, and he was admitted to the hospital the next day. After about 36 hours under the UV lamp, his bilirubin levels had returned to normal, and the IV had done the trick. We were discharged on Wednesday, early enough in the day to go home and get some stuff done, and we haven’t had any relapses. Booger is still latching on really well, and taking the bottle like a champ. I did order a supplemental nursing system to decrease the likelihood of nipple confusion. I’m just very happy to have my calm baby who only cries for diapers back.

I’m having delayed milk production, so I have to keep trying. I’m not giving up till they dry up completely. I’ll be attending a support group starting Wednesday so wish me luck!

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